Find city and neighbourhood economic data, like GDP, around the world

Identify growth opportunities, find geospatial insights, and reduce risk across industries. Access near real-time data that is provided at an unprecedented level of granularity around the world, using cutting-edge tech and leading academic research. 

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Find more granular and real-time economic insights across industries

Some examples of how our data has been used by customers/ partners across industries, from consultancies to ride sharing companies.

Fill in gaps in economic understanding

Subnational Europe GDP data

Near real-time higher frequency insights

Find near real-time and high frequency insights at a city and neighbourhood level.

1300 regions, 25 countries, 2014 – present (monthly).

Subnational Global data

Global subnational economic understanding

Go beyond national-level economic information provided by many economies. 

~60,000 regions, 195 countries, 2000 – 2020 (yearly).

500mx500m luminosity data

Often highly correlated with many economic variables of interest

Our Luminosity data isolates for human-generated light better than alternatives.

500mx500m resolution globally. 2014 – present (weekly).

Leverage economic knowledge from the world's #1 institution

How it works

We use satellite imagery, machine learning, luminosity, and other inputs to calculate subnational GDP.

Our department is ranked #1 in Economic Geography worldwide, and our methods build off an approach from the American Economic Review, the world’s top Economics journal. We were funded by the European Space Agency BIC UK.

We’re a team of Fellows, PhDs, and postdocs from the LSE whose research specializes in this field, and we’re bringing our findings into industry.

In benchmarking tests in the EU, our methods average ~98% accuracy.

We use NASA satellite imagery, luminosity,  machine learning, and other inputs to estimate GDP.

We specialise in spatial economics data

We are Fellows/ PhDs/ Postdocs from the London School of Economics, initially funded by the European Space Agency BIC UK. We have published in peer-reviewed journals, are Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneurs, and designed policies for national governments.  We are complemented by ex-SoftBank and ex-McKinsey advisors.

PhD Economic Geography, LSE

Visiting Fellow, LSE

Forbes 30 under 30

PhD Economic Geography, LSE

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Our Europe data provides more real-time and higher frequency insights than official data. 1300 regions, 25 countries, 2014 – present.

Our Global data provides subnational economic understanding when many economies only have national-level information. ~60,000 regions, 195 countries, 2000 – 2020.

Our Luminosity data isolates for human-generated light better than alternatives. Millions of luminosity points globally. 2014 – present.