Values and beliefs

Our mission is to make academic economics accessible

  1. The aim of our consultancy is to eventually make ourselves redundant.

    We’re sick of consultancies whose first recommendation is to commission further consulting work. We’re passionate about training our clients, automating systems and demystifying complex topics so our clients are never locked into continually hiring us.

  2. We provide academic-level rigour, which can be easily understood and acted upon.

    We don’t cut corners. All our consultants have conducted doctoral-level research in fields relevant to the work we conduct. Despite this, we ensure our work doesn’t read like an academic paper. We pride ourselves on giving clear and concise analysis that can be understood by non-experts.

  3. We prioritise providing value to our clients.

    We can’t provide value without developing trust with our clients. We seek to add value and develop trust over short-term profits. We provide value by obsessively minimising friction between us and our clients. And we understand that our customers will always want more accurate data, quicker data and cheaper data.

  4. We avoid confusing a ‘means to an end’ with an ‘end’.

    A process that leads to an outcome is not the outcome itself. We avoid the tendency to follow a process because that’s how it’s always been done, or to follow a new process just because it’s a buzzword. This blinds us from other, more effective ways of obtaining that outcome.

  5. Two is one and one is none.
    We mitigate key asset dependency at all costs.

Preview data

Our Europe data provides more real-time and higher frequency insights than official data. 1300 regions, 25 countries, 2014 – present.

Our Global data provides subnational economic understanding when many economies only have national-level information. ~60,000 regions, 195 countries, 2000 – 2020.

Our Luminosity data isolates for human-generated light better than alternatives. Millions of luminosity points globally. 2014 – present.