Brief: The World Bank wanted a tool that could be used to identify districts in Vietnam that were experiencing high levels of economic development and high levels of environmental performance.


We subsequently built the Green Economy Diagnostic – a tool that measures the economic and environmental performance of districts.


We measured the economic performance of districts by looking at:

  • luminosity per capita growth rates
  • luminosity per capita levels

We subsequently assessed the environmental performance of districts by examining three aspects:

  1. Air pollution (measured using satellite data on particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide)
  2. Climate change (measuring extreme changes in air temperature and precipitation)
  3. Deforestation (using satellite data to measure changes in forest cover)

We then mapped each district according to the economic and environmental performance. This tool is then used by policymakers to:

  • identify which districts are performing well both economically and environmentally (to learn lessons about how they’ve managed to achieve this)
  • identify which districts are performing badly both economically and environmentally (to target these districts with policy interventions).

The tool has been designed with our UI/UX specialists to ensure it can be used by non-technical users. Similarly, our data scientists used globally available datasets to ensure the Green Economy Diagnostic can be scaled to any country in the world.

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