Besides GDP data, we also provide consulting services, specializing in Geospatial economics.

Consulting services

Our team has previously created computable general equilibrium models, macroeconomic forecasts (at the national and sub-national level), and conducted policy evaluations for NGOs, such as the Institute for State Effectiveness, research institutions like the London School of Economics, and government agencies such as the Afghan Ministry of Finance.

We specialise in geospatial economics, including:

  • Data science and artificial intelligence
  • Economic modelling and forecasting
  • Policy development and evaluation
  • Sourcing and analysing alternative data

GDP data

We provide GDP data for +1,600 regions across Europe released before official statistics.

  • Granular
    +1,600 sub-national regions
  • Timely
    Released before official statistics
  • Frequent
    Updated monthly
  • Accurate
    RMSE of 1%
  • Academic
    Produce by researchers from LSE

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